How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Via Code Generator For Free

If you are here, then need you unlock Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge online code Generator services to unblock your Sim Network Unlock Pin. Everybody is familiar with the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone devices and for a good reason! Every version seems to top of the previous, and the praises can never stop for the Samsung smartphones. Almost everywhere you look you will see a person with a Samsung Galaxy in their hand taking photos, sharing moments and impressions on the social media, taking selfies what better mobile phone device to do that with except the Samsung Galaxy S7? This edition of the fantastic Samsung Galaxy series was launched in 2016, and in only a few months the Samsung Galaxy S7 became the favorite Android cell phone of everyone we know! The specifications are just amazing, even for a rookie in those matters such as myself.

I don’t know much about the cell phone’s software programs and hardware bits, but I do know that the Samsung Galaxy S7 looks incredible and the selfies are just professional. I also happen to know that your Samsung Galaxy S7 will work and function a lot better if it is not locked on a specific mobile network operator.Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Sadly, most of us, when we buy our new mobile phone device sign a contract with the carrier and commit to a 24-month plan. That means that for 24 months we must use their services and we are unable to apply for a SIM card from a different mobile network carrier. That describes the SIM lock activation. So, when someone claims that their mobile phone device is SIM locked- it means just this: they cannot use it with a carrier they haven’t signed up the contract with.

To be able to wiggle out of the SIM lock situation you need to SIM unlock your device. That usually is easier said than done, but the good news is that it still can be done!

What do you need to know to be able to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7?

There are two things that you need to do to achieve this:

  1. Find your IMEI code!
  2. Decide what SIM unlock service to use.

How To Find IMEI Number in your Samsung Galaxy S7 or Edge Device?

The IMEI code represents the ID of your Samsung Galaxy S7, and that’s why it is unique and restricted to your Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone device only. To be able to perform the SIM unlock you need to provide your mobile phone’s correct identity and the IMEI is just what you need to do this.

The easiest way to discover your IMEI code if you still don’t know it is to dial*#06# and wait for the 15 numbered code to flash on your Samsung Galaxy S7’s screen. There are other ways you could use to find the IMEI and those are checking the packaging box of your Samsung Galaxy S7 for the IMEI label, checking the back of your battery for the same purpose or just looking into SETTINGS-GENERAL=ABOUT PHONE.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Online via Official Paid Services

There are two recommended SIM unlocking services for all Samsung Galaxy S7 users.Unlock Cell Phone

The first service is the third party SIM unlock service aka remote SIM unlock services. This means that you need to find a legitimate Samsung SIM unlock webpage, register and proceed with the unlock procedure. To continue, you need to select your exact Samsung Galaxy model, write your IMEI code and order the SIM unlock code by making a secure and safe payment. After you’ve completed these short steps, all you need to do is wait for the SIM unlock code to be sent to your email address. Along with the SIM unlock code you will also receive a few tips as to how to finish off the SIM unlock procedure by entering your unique SIM unlock code.Unlock Samsung Cell Phone

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge For Free Services

The second option is using your Service provider. The service provider, in this case, is the carrier whereto your Samsung Galaxy S7 is locked. Before you make the call to the customer support service and require your free SIM unlock code to make sure that you do not have any debt towards the carrier and that your account is somewhat between 60 and 90 days. They will respond to you immediately, ask you for your IMEI code and inform you if the SIM unlock possible. If it is not possible, because of some bills that you haven’t covered or because your Samsung Galaxy S7 is not yet fully paid off, you can always go back to option 1 and use the third party unlock service.
Generally, the SIM unlock quick and easy thing to perform with one of the two above mentioned SIM unlock options. Don’t waste your time anymore and remove the SIM lock off your Samsung Galaxy S7 as soon as possible.


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