Unlock Sony Cell Phone Services by IMEI for ANY Model and Carrier

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  • Sony Unlock Delivery Time: 1-5 Working Days.
  • Work for any Sony Cell Phone Model.
  • Work for any Sony IMEI Code.
  • For any Questions please Contact Us anytime.

Services & IMEI:

Finally, you have the ultimate service to help you unlock any model of the Sony mobile phone brand. With the Unlock Sony Phone Service, you can unlock any Sony Ericsson handset locked to any mobile network in the entire world. To free your mobile phone from the limitations set by your host mobile network carrier you need to follow only a few steps and your options will be limitless.

The Unlock Sony Phone Service grants you a safe SIM unlock with a rare policy of total refund in case you’re not satisfied with the services. It is a remote operation so that everything can be done from your home computer. All you have to do now is to visit our website and use our service. Enter the IMEI code of your SIM locked Sony mobile phone device and give us your contact email address. Place your order by clicking the UNLOCK NOW option, make the payment and wait for only a minute for the SIM unlock code to be sent to your email address. Along with the SIM unlock code, which consists of 8 digits, you will also receive a note with further instructions on how to enter the unlock code correctly. Briefly, all you have to do is enter a SIM card from a different mobile network carrier than your current one and the option for entering the SIM unlock code will appear on your Sony mobile phone’s screen. Next, enter the 8-digit code and click OK. With this, you will have fully unlocked Sony cell phone unit which you can use on any carrier anywhere in the world you travel or live.

What is Sony Lock and How to Start Unlock Process?

Before you start with the entire procedure you need to make sure of one tiny detail; is your Sony device locked?

You will know this by entering a SIM card from a different carrier. If a message to enter an unlock code appears then it is confirmed that your Sony cell phone is locked. If nothing appears and the device continues working as before then maybe the lock-period set by your carrier is over, so the lock was automatically dropped. If your cell phone doesn’t show anything then perhaps it is blocked, or maybe there is a different issue that needs to be treated differently.

Our Unlock Sony Phone Service works perfectly with all newer and older Sony models such as XZ1, XZ Premium, Tipo, Neo, Dual, C5, M4, M3, M2, Z3, Z2, Z1 T2, T3, E2, E1 and all the rest you can think of.

How to Start Sony SIM Unlock Process?

  1. Find the IMEI code of your Sony cell phone. Do this by extracting the battery and locking on its back, by dialing *#06# or by checking the settings menu under the entry GENERAL.Sony IMEI Code
  2. Check your email once you have filled the online order, as was described above and wait for your original SIM unlock code.
  3. Stick to the instructions sent to your email, and you will have a SIM-unlocked Sony handset quickly and cheaply.Sony Unlock Code

Why is this the best option for you?

First of all, as I mentioned before, the Unlock Sony Phone Service is cheap, and it also provides permanent unlock identical to the official unlock services offered for hundreds of dollars.

Second of all, it doesn’t require much. It doesn’t need a lot of time, and you don’t need to know much about software programs or to be highly skilled in technical issues.

Thirdly, your Sony device will not be damaged in any sense. If your warranty is still valid, you will not lose it. Your Sony will always remain under warranty, and your Sony will not have a single scratch after this because no opening of the device will be ever required.

If you still have anything to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

4 reviews for Unlock Sony Cell Phone Services by IMEI for ANY Model and Carrier

  1. aivars

    hi. i have O2 locked Xperia XA2 phone. Can you unlock bootloader? thanks

  2. Jemo K Bell

    I have Sony Z5 for Unlock. My IMEI number are locked on AT&T carrier network. My questions is, can be possible to unlock my Sony Phone to work on other Sim card Network.?


    • Unlocker

      Hello Jemo,
      Our Unlock Sony Z5 service works very fine and can be unlocked here. Delivery time for this service is 5-10h.

  3. Greg.S

    I order Sony Z3 Cell Phone from eBay, but it’s bee SIM Locked. I used IMEIUnlockSIM Services, the unlocked my Sony Phone for 10h. Very fast and trusted services. Thanks

  4. Gerald Adams

    Finally my locked Sony Xperia Cell Phone it’s unlocked. Recommended

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