iCloud Activation Lock Removal Services

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  1. iCloud Unlock Delivery Time: (1–24 Hours.)
  2. Work for ANY iPhone, iPad and Watch’s Model.
  3. Unlock via IMEI/SN Number.
  4. If you have any question – Contact Us HERE.

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Dial *#06# to get your IMEI Or Read Here How to Find Your IMEI Number.

This service can help you to unlock iCloud Activation lock from your iPhone by official iCloud Removal Service. Our service works for all mobile devices of the Apple Company. Before starting the unlock process, you must make sure that your IMEI number in the Apple database it’s iCloud Locked. Our service works for ANY IMEI number, locked in the iCloud Activation Lock screen.

Our unlocking process is official. We offer Factory iCloud Removal Services that are permanent. You can use this service in the following case, if you forget your iCloud password, find a lost phone on the street, market, at school or work, or purchased from an online store like eBay or Amazon previously locked on the iCloud Activation Lock.

With this service, you will delete the old, existing iCloud address from your iPhone permanently. In this case, after that, you will be able to add your iCloud address and continue to use your iPhone normally as a new device.

iCloud Unlock Services

Before starting with the unlock process, I would like to point out that this is not an iCloud Bypass or any iCloud Hacking methods. Here is an entirely legal and official service for unlocking phones directly from the Apple Servers. This service works for iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max, XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8+, 8, 7 Plus, 7, SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 6+, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPad, any Model, and Apple Watch. This service does not work for Mac or iMac PC iCloud Removal.

Video Guide – How our iCloud Removal Services Work!

Start iCloud Activation Lock Removal Proces Step by Step

First, you need to find your IMEI number on the phone. That is the official 15-digit serial number for your device only. To see it, follow the guide below in this context:

Step 1: Finding IMEI Number Process: Go to General – Settings-About, you can find your IMEI number on that page here. The second method is to click *#06#, and the IMEI code will appear on your iPhone screen. If your iPhone isn’t activated, you can see the sign saying (i) on the right-bottom screen corner. Click here, to find your IMEI number, same as on the image below:Find iPhone X IMEI Number

Step 2: On this page here, above, select your iPhone model, iPad or Apple Watch from the list. Then in the “IMEI” form, please add your 15 digit IMEI Number, or SN (Serial Number) if don’t see the IMEI and click on the Unlock Now button.

Step 3: In the checkout page you need to enter your basic information like email, name and surname, address and your mobile phone number. We need this information only to contact you when your iPhone can be iCloud Unlocked.

Step 4: After the payment process, you will receive a confirmation message that the Unlock iCloud Activation Lock process has begun. For this, we need (1-5 working days), after that we will contact you on your email when the process is completed. And you will have an iCloud Activation Unlocked iPhone.Insert your iCloud Account Info

The last step; now when the old iCloud account has been removed, you need to do a new one, if you do not have it. Or, if you have, please insert into your iPhone to activate it.

If you have any questions, please contact us here at any time.

Video Guide

Reviews by happy iCloud Unlock Clients

Make one video review once your iCloud Activation Lock is removed, and get 25% discount. When you can record the video, upload on YouTube and send the link to us on support@imeiunlocksim.com. We can refund you 25% of your amount to your bank account.


Video Review from our Customer Henry:

164 reviews for iCloud Activation Lock Removal Services

  1. Avatar


    Hello Dear, Hope u are doing great. I do have an iPhone 6+ and 6s+ both are country unlocked but I need to do iClouds remove permanently. please let me know how long will take. To let u know both iPhone I bought from UK in 2016.
    Thank you

  2. Avatar


    my ipad is not reported lost or stole but the find my phone is on is goin to work fir me?

  3. Avatar


    is I can reset it normal or are going to be blocked ?

  4. Avatar

    Tushar honey

    Does it work in Bangladesh?
    I have a iphone xs max. But this phone iCloud lock and Disabled.. Its on lost mood..can this service help me to get remove icloud lock and make it normal?

    • Unlocker

      Unlocker (verified owner)

      Yes Tushar, this service work in Bangladesh

  5. Avatar


    does this service work in Bangladesh?

    • Unlocker

      Unlocker (verified owner)

      Yes, work in Bangladesh.

  6. Avatar

    wasim saifi

    does this service work in india ?

    • Unlocker

      Unlocker (verified owner)

      Yes Wasim, This iCloud Unlock services work in India. Our service work for any iPhone model and Country.

  7. Avatar


    Is it possible to unlock an iPhone 11pro icloud status : Lost Mode ?

  8. Avatar



    Thanks to these services my device now has been iCloud unlocked.

    DEVICE: iPhone 6S

  9. Avatar

    Ahmad tofani

    does this service work in indonesia ?

    • Unlocker

      Unlocker (verified owner)

      Yes! work for Indonesia country. This is official iCloud removal services and work for any iPhone models and wordlwide.

    • Unlocker

      Unlocker (verified owner)

      Yes! work for Indonesia country. This is official iCloud removal services and work for any iPhone models and worldwide.

  10. Avatar

    ZALE PRO (verified owner)

    hello IMEIUnlockSIM my order is #157591 ok
    my iPhone 7 will be unlocked in how many days

    • Unlocker

      Unlocker (verified owner)

      Your order’s complete. Check your email for instructions.

  11. Avatar


    the site guarantees an icloud release over 10 days maximum, My iPhone 11 Pro Max it’s finally iCloud Unlocked. Thanks to IMEIUnlockSIM Team I finally have unlocked my phone. I recommend these services, the are trusted and work.
    #153227 February 20, 2021 iCloud Removal – Completed

  12. Avatar


    My iPhone it’s unlocked the iCloud lock after 15days! Thanks

  13. Avatar

    Zeeeshan Sohail

    hello Team i have iPhone 11 iCloud activation Lock but blacklist status clean is it possible yo unlock and how monney

  14. Avatar

    Assad Saeed

    Hello, I have an iPhone 7 with the IMEI (353842087436927). It’s status is clean in Apple Servers. Can you unlock that? I will wait for your response.

  15. Avatar


    Thanks to IMEIunlockSIm team, They are wonderful services for iCloud unlocking. After five working days, they unlocked my iPhone 11 pro devices. I recommend

  16. Avatar

    Jaquill Cooper

    How long would it take?

  17. Avatar


    plss i dont have card but i hve money in paypal, can i pay ith paypal

  18. Avatar


    Does the service work on iPads from iOS 9 without a SIM

  19. Avatar


    Thanks to IMEIunlockSIm team, They are wonderful services for iCloud unlocking. After five working days, they unlocked my iPhone 12 pro max devices. I recommend

  20. Avatar


    Hi dear i have 11 pro max with box icloud lock this imei
    353906102583250 How much piriz unlook icloud

  21. Avatar


    How to work in lost mode

  22. Avatar

    Fadil (verified owner)

    They Unlocked my iPhone 12 after 14 working days. This is not fast but work perfectly. Thanks

  23. Avatar

    Juan Rulfo

    Can you unlock an iphone XS with ios 13.1

  24. Avatar


    iphone 7 fmi on. clean status how much sir

  25. Avatar

    Jhojan C

    Hello, I try to make the payment but my card is rejected

  26. Avatar

    Ellijah Huffman

    I need help its not reading any of my cards and i tried multiple card

  27. Avatar



    IMEI Number: 357376093540188

    IMEI2 Number: 357376093395385

    MEID Number: 35737609354018

    Serial Number: F4GXR75JKXKX

    Find My iPhone: ON

    iCloud Status: LOST

    Replaced Device: YES

    Coverage Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)

    Product Sold By: Apple Store

    Sim-Lock: Locked ICLOUD LOCK

  28. Avatar

    Jhojan C

    My iPhone is blacklisted, can you still unlock it?

  29. Avatar


    So can it still work if the icloud on it says its disables?

  30. Avatar


    I have a disabled iphone xr and lost status, can you return to normal?

  31. Avatar


    Does it work In philippines

    • Unlocker

      Unlocker (verified owner)

      Yes Rojas, This service work for any country in the world. work Wordwide.

  32. Avatar


    Does this service work in Australia and New Zealand?

  33. Avatar

    Odera Bell (verified owner)

    Finally, my iPhone 11 has been iCloud unlocked. I wait 15 days, this is too long but work. Thanks

  34. Avatar

    edgar facundo capilitan

    how many days is the process of unlocking icloud activation lock on iphone 6s plus? forgot icloud?

  35. Avatar

    chetan vaishnav

    How does it take to unlock 8 days over

  36. Avatar

    keo nanthavong

    waiting iCloud Removal – In Process how many days complete

  37. Avatar


    How many days do you take to remove iCloud lock

  38. Avatar

    amir khan

    sir i have 6s . how much price for unlock icloud?

  39. Avatar


    hey how long does it take to unlock iphone from Icloud?

  40. Avatar


    Hello! Does it work for iPod Touch generation 5?

  41. Avatar

    Carlos Lopez

    Is have a iphone 8plus and is icloud lock lose/or stolen status this service can unlock it???

  42. Avatar


    which payment method do you accept? i can’t pay from VISA Card and I am from India.
    I need to unlocked my icloud Activation locked please help me out.

  43. Avatar


    Could you take PayPal?

    • Avatar


      No Sir, PayPal Not support at the moment. Only Visa and MasterCard.

  44. Avatar

    hugh j

    Can fix Apple Watch in lost mode, no extra charge? Thx

  45. Avatar


    Will mobile data work, and can you be able to use facetime and others stuff on yur iphone?

    • Avatar


      When can be unlocked, can work like a normal phone.

  46. Avatar


    Does this service unlock with full limitless activity. Can I login to my apple id?

  47. Avatar


    does this really work??

  48. Avatar


    hi, I got an iPhone 11 lock with iCloud in lost mode
    can it be removed?

  49. Avatar


    hello unlocker is this service available in zambia

  50. Avatar


    I wait 9 working days to get my iPhone 11 iCloud Unlocked. They work small slow but work perfect. I recommend!

  51. Avatar


    now how long it ll take for this unlock process

    • Avatar


      Delivery time for iCloud removal up to 12 working days max.

  52. Avatar


    Hi, I just have a quick question… I bought an iPhone second-handed and the seller never told me that the status was LOST for the iCloud… can I still unlock the iPhone…?

  53. Avatar


    If my phone is erased and in lost mode can it be restored?

  54. Avatar


    IPhone must be turned on and connected to WIFI?
    Does it work 100%?

    • Avatar


      This is the IMEI Unlock service. Your iPhone don’t need to be turned ON or connected on WiFi. Your iCloud Account can be removed directly from Apple database.

  55. Avatar

    Vikas Sharma

    Hello there,

    I order for IMEI checker 4 days back. You sent me email saying it was wrong IMEI. I replied with a right one as I mistakenly type wrong. But since then I haven’t receive any response. Please help!

    • Avatar


      You have the full info on your email. Check your email. We add (***) to protect your IMEI information to not going publish on internet.

      Model Description: IPHONE 11 PRO MAX SLV 512GB-USA
      Model: iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Silver Cellular [A2161] [iPhone12,5]
      IMEI: ****88910651***
      IMEI2: ****88910651***
      MEID: ****88910651***
      Serial: FK1ZN3****
      iCloud Lock: ON
      iCloud Status: Lost
      Blacklist Status: Reported Stolen or Lost
      Purchase Country: United States
      Coverage Status: It looks like your coverage has expired.
      Status: Replaced Device
      Status: Blocked by Apple
      Carrier: Chimaera/Blacklist
      Owner Message: This iPhone has been reported lost or stolen. If found please call: In the US, call Assurant at ***-***6-***. In Japan, call Apple at ***0-***-5.
      Sim-Lock: Locked

  56. Avatar


    My questions is, can this service help me to remove i Cloud lock from any Apple Device?

    • Avatar


      Yes, we can remove iCloud Account lock from any Apple device model

  57. Avatar


    Hi. I just have a quick question.

    What form of currency is the $18? (USD or CAD)

    • Avatar


      18.95 USD

  58. Avatar


    ORDER NUMBER #19136?

    • Avatar


      We replay on your eMail. Check your mail for direct communication. Regards.

  59. Avatar


    I have an iPhone XS I don’t know if it sim locked I don’t know if it’s blacklisted and it does have an iCloud locked can u help me

  60. Avatar

    Usman Khan

    Hello Unlocker:

    I find iphone 11 (uk model) in pakistan. it’s not blacklisted in local blacklist database but in uk it is reported as lost or stolen.
    353999106261544 imei tell me after check
    Can this iphone be unlocked or not

  61. Avatar


    hello can this service unlock iPhone 7plus phone: internet problam ON or it has to be off? please help ME

  62. Avatar


    Hi it’s work on iPhone 11 ??
    Is Activation lock can u tell me and how long take to Remove ????

    • Avatar


      Yes, this icloud unlock service work for any iPhone model

  63. Avatar

    Tauhid Islam Shawn

    iCloud Activation Lock Removal ???

  64. Avatar


    Apple watch series 3 Lost mode can get unlocked ?

  65. Avatar


    hello please i have an iphone 7 with iOS 13 want to know if your service could unlock it for me and how many days wil t take for it to work

    • Avatar


      Delivery time for iCloud removal it’s 7-10 working days, some time knows to up 12 working days.

  66. Avatar


    Can you unlock a iphone 8 from Australia or New Zealand?

  67. Avatar

    Hope Beers

    Amazing! It totally works!! Was a little scared at first but in the end it was worth it. Unlocked my iPhone 6s with iCloud lock in less than 10 days!! No scam here totally legit!! Thank you imeiunlocksim 🙂

  68. Avatar


    Does it work in india

    • Avatar


      Yes, work for India phones.

  69. Avatar


    Hello, I just now got message from the IMEIUnlockSIM Team that the iCloud Locked account from my iPhone has been removed. Thanks very much for this great and fast services.

    They respond to all my messages and work very great. I wait 12 working days to be done. They recommend to wait 5-10 days, This is small long but work. I tested many services on the internet, but finally, I find one who works. Thanks, IMEIUnlockSIM Team.

  70. Avatar

    Elias Simbeye

    After Unlock does the network get restored can i make calls, browse the internet, or its just the icloud which is removed, am i able to sign in a new accout, if possible am from Zambia can manage to unlock for me?

    • Avatar


      This service only can remove the iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone. If you have and Carrier network lock, then need to us an IMEI checker service to find what carrier it’s locked. Then to order a sim network unlock service.

  71. Avatar

    Jean Bonniard

    I need Unlock lost mode but just PayPal payment. Why don’t works???

  72. Avatar


    can u open my iphone 7 which is in lost mode and the charges and total time

  73. Avatar


    sir my iphone 7 is in lost mode can u open this and the total cost plz reply ASAP

  74. Avatar


    I want to ask if it works on iOS 13.1 Beta iPhone 6s 64GB?

    • Avatar


      Yes sir, Works on iOS 13.1 and any other iOS and baseband version. This is official IMEI unlock Service.

  75. Avatar


    I wanted to unlock iPhone XS Max iCloud lock. How much is total cost? How long does it take? Is it permanent? Can I pay by PayPal pay?
    Please let me know ASAP.

    • Avatar


      This is oFficial iCloud Unlock Service via IMEI number only. The total price is 18.95$. And you can pay using crypto money or Visa or Master card. We do not use PayPal.

  76. Avatar

    Ammad khan

    i have an iphone 6s but it is black listed is it possible to unlock it?

  77. Avatar

    wasman wasman

    I waiting pay by paypal

  78. Avatar

    Harol S

    I don’t get the paypal option because? I pay but by paypal

  79. Avatar


    I need your help I have iPhone XR contact me how I can remove iCloud.
    contact me ASAP

  80. Avatar


    Hola buenas tardes quiero hacer uso del Servicios de eliminación de bloqueo de activación de iCloud pero no me da la opcion para ingresar mi imei me podrian ayudar de favor

  81. Avatar


    please help me to find how to buy this product .
    thank you.

  82. Avatar


    hi , how can i purchase ?

  83. Avatar

    Shahid ansari

    how to unlock icloud activation and how much total cost

  84. Avatar


    ICloud Activation Lock is installed on my iPhone, how much time to open ?

  85. Avatar


    i cant pay with my debit card

  86. Avatar

    Munashe Mukono

    can i trust this website please help
    i have an iphone 6 icloud locked . can it be unlocked? after how many days
    imei ; 35 836506 763320 1

    • Avatar


      Delivery time for iCloud removal services it’s 3-8 working days at the moment

  87. Avatar


    need pay with Paypal How???

  88. Avatar


    How much unlock for iPhone 7+clean?

  89. Avatar


    please help i want to remove the icloud account of my iphone 6. there is any way of payment?

  90. Avatar


    hi, sir, I have iPhone 7 iCloud locked clean

  91. Avatar


    Um so i have an iphone 6s which has the activation icloud lock but idk how to remove it. Can you please help me?

  92. Avatar

    Sivakumar THUVARAGAN

    I pad air 2 unlock available?

  93. Avatar


    Hi, what is the final price to unlock an iphone 8 with an icloud account?

  94. Avatar


    Do you have another type of payment ??, i have only visa card ,i don’t know about bit coin or coinbase payment ,how to pay $18.95 for icloud activation please reply fast and i am from india

  95. Avatar

    Roshan Rukantha

    Dr. Sir,
    My phone is iPhone 7 Plus A1784
    Imei is clean this phone.
    Can this be unlocked?
    I want to know how much it can cost to unlock this.

  96. Avatar


    Can I use this service so my iPhone X can be unlocked?

  97. Avatar


    Should I us this site or direct unlock site

  98. Avatar


    Hi there,

    I need to know the total amount for iCloud activation lock for my device.
    it’s an iPhone 5 and the IMEI number is 013436007551618.

    The reason I asked the total price over here is that i don’t want to face any additional fees in the middle of the process. if you can’t provide me the total amount, I would appreciate it if you could let me know the range at least and the timeline to get it done.

    Thank you

    • Avatar


      Hello Wassim,
      The total price for iCloud Account removal is 18.95$. No hidden fees or additional payment.

  99. Avatar


    Pls unlock my phone

  100. Avatar

    Osman Salmanov

    I am thinking about buying does this still work? for an iphone 6s 32 gb

    • Avatar


      Yes Osman, Our iCloud Activation Lock Removal services work for any Apple Brand Models.

  101. Avatar

    Nkauneh (verified owner)

    Does your Service also unlock on Saturday and sunday?

    • Avatar


      Our services for iCloud Unlock work only on working days. On the weekend don’t work. But you can Order and on Weekends, we can submit on Unlocking in Working days.

  102. Avatar

    Robin (verified owner)

    iPhone 7 Plus it’s now unlocked. I wait 9 days to be processed. Smal more from the normal delivery time but finally it’s unlocked.

    Thanks on IMEI Unlock SIM Team, they work wonderfully. I highly recommend these services.

  103. Avatar


    Can this service unlock iPhone 6s
    FMI: ON or it has to be off? 🙁 please help me

    • Avatar


      Yes Sabreen, it’s possible to be unlocked. You need to use our iCloud Removal services. Delivery time for this it’s 3-6 working days.

      Kind Regards,
      IMEIUnlockSIM Team

  104. Avatar

    Arun kumar

    Sir ICloud Activation Lock is installed on my iPhone, how much time to open

    • Avatar


      Delivery time for iCloud Activation Lock Removal it’s 3-6 working days.

  105. Avatar

    Eric .K

    Finally, I got my iPad iCloud Account Unlocked. I wait 7 days they to remove the iCloud Lock from my iPad devices. I highly recommend this service !!!

  106. Avatar

    Joel Santamand

    Hi, excuse me. Do you have another type of payment? because my credit card is rejected. It´s a mastercard. do you help me?

    • Avatar


      We have only Visa and Visa Electron Payment System available at this moment.

  107. Avatar


    Please help me 😭😭😭
    i have a iPhone 6 and it is Activation locked. i want to check it is clean or blocked. how can i check.
    Please help😭😭😭😭

  108. Avatar


    My iPad it’s been unlocked for 7 Working days. They removed the iCloud Activation lock, now my device works very well. Thanks!

  109. Avatar


    I bought an iphone X from someone but it is icloud locked. I searched the IMEI online and it said the phone was reported stolen/lost. Can it still be unlocked?

  110. Avatar


    Hi how do i know the icecode clean or not please explain please warm regards

    • Avatar


      To check your Clean or Lost/Stolen FMI status need to use premium Checker service for iCloud Activation INFO.

  111. Avatar


    I really want to unlock my iPhone 7 plus and I’m using a 25$ visa gift card to pay but everytime I put in the card number it will say declined. I just brought the card today I need some help please 😭

    • Avatar


      We have only Visa and Visa Electron Payment system available at this moment. For that reason, our system declines you.

  112. Avatar

    Muhammad zoaib

    And can i ask its a problem or not my locked cell phone is in pakistan and im living in dubai can i pay money online card to dubai but mobile in pakistan and there ask country so what i mention there

    • Avatar


      You do not have any problems if select Dubai from the country list when asking you to pay.

  113. Avatar

    Muhammad zoaib

    Hy i have i phone 6 its blocked by owner and does not work and i think its bloked by owner requst to iphone can u unlock it????

    • Avatar


      Yes, we can Unlock it, your iPhone 6 locked on iCloud Activation Lock.

  114. Avatar

    Saad Farooq

    M from Pakistan My Iphone 7 black 128GB is icloud activation lock n it is clean from apple my question is can this service remove the icloud?

    • Avatar


      Yes, it’s possible to be unlocked. The delivery time for this service is 3-5 working days. Some time happens to up one week more of we have too much for processing.

  115. Avatar

    troy mcg

    are these real reveiws

  116. Avatar

    Andrea M

    My iCloud Activation lock it’s Removed finally. I placed an order before 5 days, they today complete the process. Thanks

  117. Avatar


    can you unlock blacklisted imei? please help me

  118. Avatar

    Binod kandel

    Hi Sir
    im from nepal
    i phone 6s plus activation lock
    icloud id locked please help me
    i phone 6s plus
    Imei number 353291073045997

  119. Avatar


    Tengo un iPhone 7, con cuenta de Icloud? Se puede quitar No tiene Reporte

  120. Avatar

    Mark Siriceh

    I purchase that service one week ago, they complete the iCloud Removal Process now. My iPhone XS Max works perfectly. (order 4228, 8th March 2019).

  121. Avatar

    Marc .B

    Unfortunately, I bought this service 6 working days ago and finally they unlocked my iPhone 8 Plus locked on iCloud Activation lock.

  122. Avatar

    Belsy Alviarez

    Today the deadline of 5 business days more than I request, (since February 2) to unlock the icloud of the Ipad Air A1474, with the order 3147 and I have not had answer of their part. since I mention that it was (1-5 days), I have been very patient, but given their non-compliance I hope they reimburse the money, since it is one of their policies.

    I grant 2 of qualification for the attention to the public, through the emails, but for their unlocking service they do not give reliability in the term that they describe, until today they have not fulfilled me

    • Avatar


      Hello Belsy Alviarez,
      We got all your emails from you, and all the time our support team respond to you. The normal delivery time for iCloud Removal is 3-5 working days. We in the next 24h can get an answer from our supplier for your IMEI Number. When we can get the information that your iPad iCloud Lock it’s removed will inform you on your email.

      Kind Regards,
      IMEIUnlockSIM Team

  123. Avatar

    jbberts (verified owner)

    Made My order Sunday 27th January 2019 from the UK. My imei is 355349080344031 7plus 128gb. Lets see how this goes.
    I will give 3 star rating based on email confirmation.

  124. Avatar


    Hi, I have my iPhone 8 and it is iCloud activation locked. I ordered your service to unlock. For 3 working days, you send me to report that is unlocked. I restore my iPhone 8 by iTunes and work very nice. Thanks

  125. Avatar

    mohamad.karasi (verified owner)

    order 2915 can you please follow up

  126. Avatar



    For your icloud unlock service is the total cost $14.95 or are there any other fees or charges after the service is ordered?

    My iPhone X is clean and not blacklisted if you need to know.


  127. Avatar

    Jhazzy Santiago

    Hello, is this real? scam? can anyone tell me this is legit? not a bot,a ny proof please..

  128. Avatar

    Robert Munyikwa

    hi I need an iPhone x unlocked but it has bad icloud

  129. Avatar


    order 2400 placed on nov. 6. It’s unlocked. My iCloud lock it’s removed from my iPhone X

  130. Avatar


    hello I wanted to know if the price to remove icloud is the same for all iphone models of $ 154 … another query if the icloud iphone was not deactivated, my money is returned or not. answer please

    • Avatar


      Yes Sir, if your iPhone it happens to not be unlocked, we can refund you fully to your bank account.

  131. Avatar


    Thanks. My iPhone XR it’s unlocked.

  132. Avatar

    A. Kelly

    Third time submitting a review. Still waiting.

    • Avatar


      Your iPhone is unlocked. Please check.


  133. Avatar


    I had really high hopes for this website, but i ordered this 5 days ago and still nothing, how much longer?

  134. Avatar

    Limneo P.

    Can u really remove icloud? i have iphone 6s? you can check my imei on my email.

  135. Avatar

    antoniogill0924 (verified owner)

    is website safe?

  136. Avatar


    is this website safe is my question?

  137. Avatar

    Charles S

    order 2136 placed on oct.26 when will unlock?

  138. Avatar


    Order #2039 was placed on october 22, 2018 and is currently iCloud Removal – In Process.
    when will unlock?

    • Avatar


      your iPhone iCloud Activation lock – Removed. Please check

  139. Avatar


    Order # 2039 was placed on October 22, 2018 and is currently in the process of removing iCloud.
    When will it be unlocked? Please tell us

  140. Avatar


    is this a legit service? can someone verify

  141. Avatar


    ORDER NUMBER 1510?

  142. Avatar


    I bought an iphone 6 plus from someone but it is icloud locked. I searched the IMEI online and it said the phone was reported stolen/lost. Can it still be unlocked?

  143. Avatar


    I ordered iCloud Removal service for my iPhone X, now it’s unlocked. They complete this order for 4 days.

  144. Avatar


    i have placed an order on 12th september for icloud removal whose order id is 1129. it is still in process. how much time will take more?

    • Avatar


      Hello Sir,
      We work on this. You can get the report in next 48h max from now on your Email. On the Apple, Servers have too many for unlocking processing, and that makes the normal delivery time to up.

  145. Avatar


    Order #915, 31st August, still waiting. They filter the reviews 🙂

    • Avatar


      Hello Joan,
      We don’t filter any reviews here. Your IMEI number its bee reported in Apple Database Servers as Lost/Stolen. We ask our supplier from Apple first to remove this “Blocked” report into Apple Database. This can take 3-6 working days. This is “Done”, not your IMEI number is “iCloud Clean”. We resubmit again in Unlock process for iCloud Activation Removal. We wait for our supplier to complete this IMEI Number in next 48h from now. When can be done we can contact you on your Email, with full instructions on how to complete the iCloud Unlock Proces.

      Kind Regards,
      Albert – Seller Manager
      IMEIUnlockSIM LLC

  146. Avatar


    Order #978 was placed on September 4, 2018 and is currently iCloud Removal – In Process.
    when will unlock?

  147. Avatar


    I have 4 iphones 7, all icloud locked…i’ll give this a shot and make an update.

  148. Avatar

    Erique Allan Jean-Francois

    there are so many many scammers out there claiming to unlock iCloud, I will give this a shot and I will do a review update. I have 4 iPhone 7’s, all iCloud locked

  149. Avatar


    Thanks, This service work.

  150. Avatar


    Unfortunately, I bought this service 6 days ago and I still got neither unlock my iPhone nor response.
    Sadly, I was about to order more for my other phone and share this website so that anyone can use it.
    My order is #835

    • Avatar


      Sorry for this situations, But in the Apple Database Servers have to many for iCloud Removal Process, and this make the normal delivery time for five days to upon seven days. You can get an update in your mail when can be Unlocked your iPhone. Thanks for your patience.

      We do all to Unlock your iPhone.

  151. Avatar

    Leo F Rieger

    I find iPhone X in taxi into New York City. It’s iCloud Account Locked. I believe that this Phone do not is reported as lost/stolen. Can you Unlock iCloud Lock from those iPhone x if use that service?

    Kind Regards,

    • Avatar


      Hello Leo,
      If you are sure that this iPhone X is 100% clean that can be Unlocked. Delivery time for this service is 2-5 working days.

      Kind Regards,
      IMEIUnlockSIM Team

  152. Avatar


    I ordered iCloud removal service for my iPhone 5S. They unlocked the iCLoud Activation Lock for 7 Days. Two days after the normal 5 days delivery time, but I’m happy because this is trusted services and work fine.

  153. Avatar

    Ricky J. (verified owner)

    My bad its been 3 days since i order icloud unlock august 7, 2017 the other person who reviewed got theirs at the 4th day unlock really hoping it works if it does i will order 3 more .

  154. Avatar

    Ricky J. (verified owner)

    I order my icloud unlock on august 7,2018 its been 2 days im anxious to find out how fast is it going to unlock my iphone 6s the service is excellent tho.

  155. Muriel


    I waiting 4 Days, but finally my iPhone 6S has be Unlocked. They removed the iCloud Activation Lock from my iPhone very fast. I recommend this service.

    Model: iPhone 6s Space Gray 32GB
    IMEI: 359157078486169
    Serial Number: DNQRXCJ6HFLR
    Find My iPhone: OFF
    iCloud Status: Clean
    Locked Carrier: US Sprint/Virgin/Boost (Sprint MVNO) Locked Activation Policy
    SIMLock Status: Unlocked

    Thanks IMEIUnlockSIM team for this nice work.

  156. Avatar

    Stefany B

    Thanks for your fast replay. I order your iCloud Removal Service.

    • Avatar


      We check you. Your IMEI Number is Clean into Apple Servers. Yes, can be unlocked. Please only respect the delivery time. Your iPhone can be Unlocked for 2-4 Working Days. For any question please contact us any time.

      Kind Regards,
      IMEIUnlockSIM Team

  157. Avatar

    Stefany B

    I have iPhone 8 Plus locked on iCloud Activation Lock. It’s Clean iCloud Status. Can you unlock?

    • Avatar


      If you IMEI Number is Clean in Apple Database Servers, Yes we can Unlock.

  158. Avatar


    My iPhone 6 finally it’s iCloud Unlocked. Thanks Team

  159. Avatar

    Richars Bell

    Very fast and trusted service. Thanks

  160. Avatar


    I’m from USA, and my iPhone 8 Plus is locked on AT&T Network. I have iCloud Activation lock, and like to unlock. My questions is, can this service help me to remove iCloud lock from my Apple Device?

    • Avatar


      Hello Maria,
      If your iPhone AT&T IMEI number is Clean, the answer is YES we Can unlock. This service work only for Clean IMEI number.

  161. Avatar

    Albert G

    I use this service, and they unlock my iCloud Locked iPhone X for 2 days. They are perfect service if you have Clean iCloud Activation Locked IMEI. Recommend.

  162. Avatar

    John Wick

    I studying at the University of Dallas and I find one iPhone X who is locked on iCloud Activation Lock. I used IMEIUnlockSIM services here, and they complete the work for five working days. I’m very happy now and enjoy my new and cheap iPhone X.

  163. Avatar

    Roger Wilsons

    I have one iPhone 4S, and I just paid 14.95 USD to remove the iCloud Lock. This is the best for me instead to buy a new iPhone.

  164. Avatar

    Maxhole B

    I finally find some who can remove the iCloud Account from my iPhone. That it’s a legitimate service. I trought that my iPhone 8 is a dead phone because I call the Apple company and they ask me for the dokuments and bills to prove that I’m owner.

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