Unlock Optus Australia iPhone X 8 7 SE 6S Plus 6 5S 5C 5 4S 4


  • Unlock Optus Delivery Time: (1 – 72 Hours).
  • Unlock Clean and Blocked IMEI Code.
  • Work for All Optus iPhone Models

Services & IMEI:

With our Optus IMEI unlocks service now available for a reasonable price, you can finally remove the SIM lock off your Optus AU iPhone. Our IMEI unlock service is valid for all models of iPhone handsets and can be used on any iOS version. Follow the guidance provided for you in this article, and you will be able to use any SIM or GSM card wherever you go.

You should only consider our SIM unlock service if your iPhone is locked to Optus Australia. Want to check if you fulfill this requirement? That’s easy take out the SIM your iPhone currently works on and check if it is by Optus Australia. If it is, then you’re halfway to making the confirmation. Another step you should take is to insert a different SIM card. If your iPhone gives you a notification that there is no service available, then it is 100 % guaranteed that your iPhone is locked to Optus Australia. If your iPhone keeps on running as before then, it is already unlocked, and you obviously do not have the need for our IMEI unlock service.

The steps need to follow to Unlock your Optus AU iPhone

  • Visit out IMEI unlock store on your tablet or laptop.
  • Select the mobile network carrier your iPhone is locked to ( that should be Optus Australia)
  • Next, click “unlock now.”
  • Provide the IMEI code of your iPhone, a valid email address and proceed with payment.

Wait for your payment to be confirmed via email. That email message should also contain a few more details, and tips about the SIM unlock procedure of your iPhone. Briefly, you’d be advised to back up all the data that you would want to keep in the future. Then, using a different SIM, you need to connect to iTunes and wait until you see the message that confirms your finalized SIM unlock. After that message, you can restore the data you have previously backed up, and you can use your iPhone normally again, only this time you will have many carriers to choose from.

Why is the IMEI unlock the best unlock solution for your Optus Australia iPhone?

First of all, the SIM unlock we provide an official unlock solution. We use your IMEI code, and with it, we offer permanent unlock solution. Thanks to our advanced technology and software we can enter the mobile network’s database and white-list your device. This will last for as long as you or someone else uses that iPhone that has been unlocked with this method.

This unlock solution is not time-consuming so you can fit it into your busy daily schedule.

What another great thing about the IMEI SIM unlocks is that it will keep your warranty untouched. After the procedure is done, you will still be able to go and fix your iPhone for free if there is a need for that in the future.

You also don’t have to invest in Turbo or Gevey SIM cards as the iPhone will work on any regular SIM card with no adapters needed.
We also use a secure way of payment so if by any chance you’re not satisfied with our IMEI to unlock service we will be happy to refund your money fully.

Please be informed that we are not ready to white-list blacklisted iPhone devices, blocked iPhone devices or iCloud locked. In case you already made the payment, and your iPhone has a different lock than the SIM lock then we will not be able to give your money back.

There is entirely no reason why you should not want the IMEI to unlock solution for your Optus Australia iPhone. It is simple, cheap and worth it. I expect that you will give it a go as soon as possible. For any questions, you can Contact us here any time.


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